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500,000 Illegal Immigration Protestors; Wrong

A headline in Phoenix, AZ Newspaper recently read; 500,000 Illegal Immigration Protestors Demonstrate, but this was completely wrong. You see this headline of the article is a lie, I had a friend go there to check it out there were only about 30-40 thousand maybe less.

So this is all BS sound and fury and media incited mass hysteria again. Typical liberal bleading heart La La Land Los Angeles style media mongering. The liberal writer of the article is simply trying to get back at Bush because it is common courtesy in scum ville West Side LA to mention you hate bush at least twice in every conversation to prove you are one of them. You see I called the article writer on this and she was from Los Angeles and took a job as a reporter out their in Phoenix. This liberal hate should not flow into the illegal immigration issue.

This is a bi-partisan issue, Illegal immigration is criminal activity and must be stopped. We need to secure borders, streamline legal immigration, stop the drugs and guns coming in, prevent Mexico authorities and Catholic Church from encouraging it, Stop MS-13 gang build up and make sure when we send folks back they do not come the next day until they are documented and we know who they are, where they will be, what they will be doing, that they speak english, know the basic rule of law, have a job or cash on hand. It has to be. No more illegal immigration no matter how many marchers or events or rallies or articles there are. We must stop criminal activity and illegal immigration is illegal. Period. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com