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Car Wash Association Trying to Clean Up Their Act on Illegal Immigration

The international carwash association realizes that it is one of the target industries that the United States of America's government is looking at with regards to illegal immigration hiring. And carwash owners should be worried because they have exploited illegal immigrants and illegal aliens by paying them cash under the table and saving all the payroll taxes for decades.

This will not be the first time carwash owners have been targeted industry. The Internal Revenue Service IRS also has warned its enrolled agents of the cash cow carwash businesses represent Intel carwash owners skim money and cash without reporting their income.

The carwash associations believe they have an excuse; in fact they are asking lawmakers and legislators to put certain provisions against the legal immigration bill. For instance the allowing of hiring temporary illegal alien workers when they cannot find Americans want to do the job.

But the fact is that carwash owners do not want to hire college kids because they do want to pay them 8 to 10 dollars per hour, which is a prevailing wage. Instead they want pay illegal aliens 5 dollars per hour under the table. I have never seen such despicable exploitation of human labor in my life, then what I know goes onto carwash industry having been in it myself and having had to compete against companies that hired illegal aliens. It is a disgusting travesty and something must be done. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com