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Do You Support Illegal Immigration or Do You Support The Laws of Our Nation?

This ongoing often hostile media debate of pure sound and fury is rather interesting in that if you support criminal activity; that is to say illegal alien entry into the US, then you obviously do not support the laws of our nation.

I support enforcement of the laws of the United States of America. And when those laws are inadequate we need to hold the politicians hands to the fire to streamline and fix the problems they created in failing in their jobs. If they continue we need massive turnover and simultaneously demand our borders are secure to insure the protection of the American People. This illegal immigration is an unworthy debate.

Everyone knows illegal immigration is illegal point blank. If the immigration courts are tied up and the process is not working then get it working and enforce the law, End of story. Simple stuff really. Many have considered all these issues and I have considered much of this too.

We have to do something and not half ass or band aid either. We need a clean plan and a simple solution without hundreds of loopholes. Why not; You come across the border illegally, you get shot dead. Everyone knows it and then suddenly the problem stops. Meanwhile we implement fairness and tough love policies, which are fair for all concerned. No drugs, arms, gang members, must speak English, no diseases, reason for coming and guarantees. Probation period and tracking ID cards, problem solved everyone wins. Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com