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Does Lack of Enforcement Make Illegal Immigration Now Legal?

In real estate law with regards to easements there are laws that if someone uses your property to get to theirs or as a thoroughfare and you do nothing to stop it, then they then have the right over a period of time to continue to do it and thus that diminishes your property rights? Can the lack of illegal immigration enforcement in many places be used as a legal reason to allow illegal immigration or thus make it legal?

Well probably not, however it does raise a point about the that lack of enforcement, lip service to enforcement or basically nil enforcement for so many years and indeed it has made "illegal" immigration, a rather silly term. But, we need to solve this escalating problem. Employers should be held accountable. I know in our company we always did the right thing, I saw others which did not. But if we are Really serious about International Terrorism, which sometimes I wonder, then we need to secure our borders and ask that everyone come in correctly, get passes and ID cards for work passes, etc. as that is the only fair way to approach it.

We have to do something, as this is not working. It is a serious enough problem that we must act, and in a fair and honorable way. But we cannot continue like we are, the system is broken and we must address it. Illegal immigration is illegal and those who come here without permission and stay without anyone’s consent are breaking the law. So either we change the laws or enforce them. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com