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Former Clinton Administration and Hilary on Illegal Immigration Problems

Many right wing constituents will blame our current illegal immigration problem on the former Clinton Administration and well that may not be entirely fair. Although not a lot was done to curb illegal immigration, not a lot has been done since the Jordan Commission and we have seen many administrations come and go with little or no real progress to curb the illegal immigration issue that the United States of America faces today.

It appears if Hilary Clinton does run for President a lot of the claims of problems in the United States will be back-tracked to the Clinton Administration, yet I am not sure you can blame the Clinton Administration for all of this.

The Presidential Powers in our nation are not the only branch of government. And politics always makes strange bedfellows. During the Clinton years we had some very low unemployment figures, remember, no one was complaining much about illegal immigration then.

The Clinton's are smart people and they do not need anyone coming to their defense on this issue. Attacking Hilary on this point for issues pertaining to the Clinton Administration would backfire indeed, as no administration can squeak by without some controversy. Political strategists should be forewarned in the coming Presidential Elections. Think on this.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com