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Hilary Clinton and Illegal Immigration Issues

Many believe that Hilary Clinton is for illegal immigration and believe that the Republicans will use the illegal immigration issue to split her base of supporters. IE if you are for illegal immigration then vote for Hilary Clinton and if you are against illegal immigration vote Republican.

My thoughts are that Hilary is a Centrists, don't kid yourself, she is not for "Illegal Immigration" she is for "legal immigration." She is staying away from Fringe and anything that would upset voters. She has an excellent chance to win the election if she runs for President, because she seems to get it, that is to say all sides of the issue. She is a very smart cookie. It would take someone one hell of a Republican Ticket to beat her, but so far we see no one like that who appears to be going for the Republican Ticket for the next Presidential Election. Those who attempt to do a media hit to Demonize Hillary, will be sorry. You cannot attack a woman like the current attack ads without pissing off all women. She has done well or has perceived to have done well in NY as a Senator and she is well liked by 46% of Americans or more.

Plus the Clinton's have the blessing of the World Community Leaders and background elite. You might be very surprised how deep and how may countries that depth runs too. Underestimation of either Clinton is dumb move and I understand from friends that their daughter is also a smart one too, as her chapter maybe written in the future annals of history, as well. No one should be underestimating Hilary Clinton right now, to do so is not a smart move. Think on it.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com