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Howard Dean; Political Rhetoric Heightened

Recently Democratic National Chairman and Spokesman and Governor of Vermont the smallest populated city in the Nation, Mr. Howard Dean said the republicans are going to use immigration issues to divide country? Yet, one may wish to ask who is really dividing the American People? The Democratic Party says that the President of the United States of America is a liar, fraud and should be put in prison. He further states that President George W. Bush Leader of the Free World and Liberator for Democracy the World over is unfit to lead?

Yet in Mr. Howard Deans case his own party rejected him in the last election, called him a loose cannon and shoved him out of the way as their candidate for President of the United States unwilling to even allow him a chance a Vice Presidency on the ticket? Meanwhile the Democrats are the party of Labor or so they say and that Labor wants controls on illegal immigration, because such illegal immigration threatens the high union paying jobs in our nation. So is the Republican Party under the leadership of George W. bush really dividing the country over illegal immigration or could one say that illegal immigration is dividing the Democratic Party and causing Mr. Howard Dean to put his foot into his mouth again? You decide, as I have no opinion on the matter.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com