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Illegal Immigration and Our Government at Work / Vacation

In the United States of America the illegal immigration problem is growing and some say there are 12 million illegal aliens in our country and over 6 million overstayed visas. The way I see it that means 18 million illegal aliens. However some are saying the grand total is more like 24 million and we see that in the Arizona prison system alone there are over 38 percent of the prison population being illegal immigrants. Our federal prisons have over 33 percent illegal aliens.

Many people are still complaining about the Anchor baby problem and you may not know this but over 80 hospitals in California have gone out of business because they can no longer afford to deliver babies for free. Yes the problem really is that bad and what is our government doing about it? Well, it appears every time at the issue comes up our Congress and Senate go on vacation.

That is rather convenient isn't it and do you know why? Because this is a controversial issue and no politician wants to do what is best for America, they would rather do what is best for their political future. That may be good for them but that is not good for the American people.

If we do not salt our illegal immigration problem now before the next big Mexico City earthquake then we might have another 20 million illegal aliens from Mexico alone. And if we open the floodgates you will not believe how he people want to come to rich America for a better life.

And with Social Security and our health-care system the way it is now we will not be able to afford this and it could perhaps collapse our economy or worse separate our classes so much that we end up with the Civil War in 20 years. Consider this in 2006, as I already have.

Source: coolimmigration.com