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Illegal Immigration and The Car Wash

One of the biggest abusers in the hiring of illegal aliens has to be the car wash industry. It seems almost without exception that every car wash hires illegals. But why? You see, I have been involved in the car wash industry for over twenty-five years and we have never hired an illegal alien. And in the potential eventuality a franchisee may have hired an illegal alien and I got wind of it, as President and CEO let me tell you there would have been hell to pay. Even to the point of considering termination of the franchise agreement with that car wash.

Yet, this is hardly the norm, as most car wash owners and car wash chains including 14 of the top twenty car wash chains in America hirer illegal aliens on a routine basis. How do I know? Well, I have visited them. Just before the start of the 2006 International Car Wash Convention in fact the largest car wash chain was raided. The FBI came to their corporate offices and took files and four of their car washes, which were raided netted over 56 Illegal Aliens. Fifty-six illegal aliens at only four car washes; and they were raided on a Monday, the very slowest day in the car wash business.

You would indeed think that a public company and the largest car wash chain would have the common decency and smarts to follow the law in a time when all Americans are concerned with illegal immigration and National Security. If you see illegal aliens at a car wash in your area; then do the right thing and call the authorities. Lets put a stop to this illegal immigration and exploitation of humans. Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com