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Illegal Immigration and the Economy in Our Nation

Illegal immigration is currently one of the biggest political debates of our time and in the interests of national security one of the most critical components to our civilization. Often people who debate the illegal immigration issue fail to understand the economics behind what is really going on.

We need to force people to look at the positive as well as the negative aspects both monetarily and socially and tie all that information back into the economics of the illegal immigration. Now you might say; I am aware of the issues concerning the economics behind illegal immigration. This is good because as our nation fails to grow its population, there are issues with growth and GDP. Additionally with 5.0% unemployment it is really tough to find labor, which does not have drug issues and lacks work ethic issues as employers scramble to find the best labor which is still available.

Recently a thinker stated that; I keep hearing that we would not be able to function as a country without the illegal immigrants here to fill unwanted jobs (I'd almost have to call it exploitation).

I disagree with that mantra, It simply is not so. That is a bogus notion. I do not care what the stats show, there are ways to work with less labor. Our society has moved to a point of such productivity that it is not true. We risk a lot in our restaurants with labor which cannot read or speak English, does not follow health codes and may have disease issues. Our prisons in many states are 33% illegal aliens and for everyone one of them we could send 10 kids to college each year. That is hurting our future. So consider these additional points in your study of illegal immigration.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com