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Illegal Immigration and the Quick Fix

Lord knows we must do something with the immigration issues and these problems along with all the protests are not going to go away anytime soon. Indeed the debate is heating up and getting quit fierce. So here is my idea;

Allow anybody who wants so to come to the United States to get free hotel rooms for one month until the taxpayers can buy them a house. Give them all of the free healthcare checkups and do not make the poor darlings walk thru the desert. We are a wealthy nation we can pick them up in Limos, air-conditioned buses and airliners at the nearest big airport and they can choose where they want to go and which gated community they wish to live in.

As the percentage of illegal immigration increases make mandatory representation by percentage in Congress and why don't we have an illegal alien President too, I mean that is really unfair, we are such bigots I swear; those poor darlings. We need to send all their children to the finest schools and give them the largest SUVs so they can take their kids around and let's also pay for the gasoline I mean that really would be the right thing to do. And one lady said we should give them a yacht, I agree but give them two free yachts one on each coast.

We must be fair to those who have so little and are just trying to make a life in their new country and since they have no country, shouldn’t we reach out and give them ours? Consider all this in 2006.

Source: coolimmigration.com