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Illegal Immigration and US Hypocrites

Many people say that the US immigration policies with regards to the illegal immigration policy are without merit. They claim that we in the United States are hypocrites when it comes to this matter. They say that on one hand we criminalize those come here to build a better life for themselves and on the other we exploit them for cheap labor. These critics or US illegal immigration policies say that “we are building our nation on the backs of others.”

Those who are for tougher illegal immigration laws say “Hey wait a minute we are not building our country on the backs of others. Mexicans come here and send money back, they are building their nation on the backs of our tax dollars and those money flows out of the country, that we are paying interest on. So let’s clear that issue.”

The plot thickens when those who favor tougher illegal immigration enforcement say that; Those who are not citizens do not automatically get our same rights. We do not get the same rights when we go to their country, as they have not paid for it. 33% of the all those in Prison in the West are illegal aliens. We have 20-million illegal aliens and we need to know who is who. You of course know that Americans cannot even own land there in Mexico, only lease it for 100-years, additionally if I ship products there from my company I must pay 50% tariff? Show me some fairness as my dollar leaves my country.

So there are a couple of serious issues on both sides of the debate that must be addressed as we look to find a third solution that everyone can live with in the present period. Think on this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com