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Illegal Immigration Comment in 1999

Illegal immigration is the wrong policy for United States of America, as we must know who is coming to our country and we must only take the very best people. We cannot simply allow anyone to sneak over our border and automatically become a citizen. If we fail to pick and choose the very best immigrants, then we do a disservice to all we are and all we have built in this great nation.

There is no doubt in the world today that the United States of America is by far the greatest civilization ever created in the history of mankind. And obviously when you have such a great nation you're bound to have people who want to get in so badly that they will break the law to sneak in any way they can. But we must be diligence and we must prevent illegal immigration and only allow the very best people. Below is an excerpt of an article I wrote in 1999 discussing this very issue;

I would like to be able to see all Americans get to the next higher standard of living. I would like to have the number of franchisees in each ethnic race somewhat equal to the percentage of population break down. I would like us to stop self-segregating. I would like to see the economy stay how it is for the duration of my life. I do not let just anyone into our franchise company, nor should we let just anyone into our country. There are standards, laws, and a system in place so we can all live together and all prosper. If people come to this country through proper channels like they have for the most part in the past, everything should be okay.

Well then, I hope you can understand my philosophical argument here and realize that this is not be racist comment, this is not bigotry and this is completely fair to all our ancestry and to our great nation as we move into the next period. So for that reason, I do hope you will consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com