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Illegal Immigration; How You Can Make a Difference in Your City

Illegal Aliens and the signs of illegal immigration are everywhere in our nation, but until you do something about, well do not expect anything to change? Ah ha do not want the responsibility I see? But if you do not do something about it who will? It is rather hypocritical for you to do nothing each day while all this goes on right under your nose. You can easily do something, but alas you will not pick up your phone and get it done.

What can I do you ask? Well first you can simply observe this problem in your own city, when you see illegal aliens, which are employed by a local businessman you see. For instance when was the last time you went to your local car wash and saw all those illegal aliens? Last week you say? Well did you do anything about it? Did you assume that these workers who speak no English are citizens or here legally? You cannot be kidding yourself on this. Yet you did nothing about it did you?

All you have to do is make one call on your 250 minutes per month cell phone plan, but you will not even do something that simple? But why is that? You do not know who to call? Well call the INS or Border Patrol, both are in the phone book and on your $1.00 411 information service on your cell phone, yet you still will not pick up that phone. You know I think you are the problem here. You want to deny that you are part of the problem? Show me and make that simple phone call. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com