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Illegal Immigration in the US in 1999

Wow, what a difference 7-years can make in politics? You know this Illegal Immigration thing is nothing new. It seems this issue has been going on for over 30 years and our government has failed us. Now all of a sudden it is in the news, in the media and all over our TV sets, but why? Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote when researching this subject during the Clinton years.

Immigration issues are going unchecked and the time bomb is clicking. Not more than twenty years ago the Jordan Commission was suppose to cut immigration by 1/3. Even California voters voted for Prop 187 by unbelievable margins despite protests. Hostility is still shown in California, Arizona, and Florida, even parts of Texas. We are now having record numbers of Immigrants coming to the US in excess of 1.1 million per year. They just walk over the borders and there are an estimated 9-10 million here now. Never before since 1900-1920s have we seen this incredible migration, only these immigrants are illegal. Because of low unemployment figures no one is paying attention now. It appears if this year may break all records where the employment migration trends upward by 200,000 more. With unemployment where it is even the AFL-CIO is not complaining about it anymore because there are tons of jobs now for everyone.

So you see people this is nothing new. Barbara Jordan went through this with her commission decades the prior. In California voters went through proposition 187 and everyone has known of the legal immigration in the United States of America, but now there are so many illegal aliens in the country that the situation is out right in front of your face along with protests and the waving of Mexican flags. Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com