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Illegal Immigration is No Big Thing Say the Fringe Political Activists

Many think that illegal immigration is no big thing in The United States of America. In fact many law-abiding Americans have went to immigration rallies, marches and protests in order to demonstrate for pro-illegal immigration policies. One recent political blogger stated that the illegal immigration was no big deal and the illegal aliens were only trying to make a better life.

So, I told her you make a lot of great points about people just being so silly over the 24 million illegal aliens? Big deal right? It is only still under 10% of the total US Population and it only costs the taxpayers 2-3 billion per month in services. Besides we should give them all a FEMA Trailer, which are parked and no one is using?

You are right Misty; it is silly. I think we ought to buy all illegal aliens Mexican flags and all them to protest, it is not as if they are rioting? Just protesting and enjoying our right to free speech and giving us something fun to discuss as they carry on. Besides the rioting in France only came after thier illegal alien population reached 11% and we are still under 10% here and it will be a good 8-10 months before they even get to 10%.

We should open the borders and allow those poor soles in Prison 36% in Arizona prisons are illegal aliens. We should let them out and give them a car, because GM needs more work. And since these illegal aliens are just trying to build a better life, we rich Americans can afford an additional 10% tacked onto our April 17 tax bill. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com