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Illegal Immigration Issues in Arizona are Out of Control

Many in Arizona are completely fed up with the inability of the United States Federal Government to patrol and police its borders and even the legal recent immigrants from Mexico are very angry at the inability of the US Congress to solve the problem.

I have discussed the issues with Mexican-Americans on the issues of Illegal Immigration in Tucson, Globe, Mesa, Chandler, Goodyear and Phoenix and all of them that I have spoken with either shook their heads and did not want to discuss it or were very upset at this issue calling them “wetbacks” a term used as some illegal aliens swam across the river border line to come to the US.

You know I had spoken with some folks at the College in Tucson, at Starbucks on Ina in Oro Valley, at It’s a Grind in Marana, at Bookman’s on Speedway and at the Borders Book Store on Oracle and all of them believe that illegal immigration is by far the most serious issue in Tucson and I understand they are going to have a May 1, 2006 Boycott coming up and a Protest Parade also there.

Yes, the problems in Tucson are severe, as it is a definite hotspot. Cars stolen from the Malls, drugs are intense there, as one police officer told me. Also several others working with various agencies some, of which did not disclose what exact agency. Even AZ prison workers and DPS officers at the coffee shops have told me just how bad it is and yet it is amazing how nice the town is and how well every thing runs considering 36-38% illegal aliens in Prison in AZ there and all the drugs, theft, gangs and etc also. The illegal immigration problem is out of control in Arizona. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com