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Immigration And Naturalization

Immigration is the relocation of a person to a non-native country. Immigration is done for several purposes such as comfortable living conditions, economic stability, as an asylum etc. Naturalization is the process by which the citizenship of the country is granted to the immigrant. It helps the immigrant to enjoy the privileges of a native of the country. In the case of refugees, naturalization will help them to acquire legal protection. Naturalization is common among immigrants from developing countries. Countries, which are facing low population growth and lack of skilled professionals, encourage the naturalization process. Immigration and naturalization are permitted in the constitution of most of the countries.

Immigration and naturalization laws require the immigrant, to be a permanent resident, for a particular period. Countries such as US, Canada, UK, and Australia require permanent residence of minimum 5 years in the country. The moral conduct of the person is very important. The language proficiency of the person is also considered. Children below 18 years will be naturalized along with their parents. There are several exemptions, military people and spouse of citizens will get relaxation in the duration of permanent residence.

Immigration and naturalization office will conduct a test or interview to verify the knowledge of the person, regarding the civics and history of the country. If the person successfully passes the test, he can take part in the oath of citizenship. The certificate of citizenship will be issued after the process. The swearing of oath is considered an important ceremony. The processing period for naturalization will take around 1 to 2 years.

Immigration and naturalization process seems to be a bit complex for a common man. The office of immigration or embassy will provide the necessary guidance. You may also seek the guidance of experts in the field of immigration and naturalization. The official websites provide necessary information about the process. The model question papers for the test are available from the Internet.

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