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Immigration Debate

Studies prove that immigrants influence the economy and social conditions of a country. The increasing ratio of immigrants in a country, alarms the nationalists. At the same time, the business class is benefited with the service of the immigrants. The search for the ultimate impact of immigration, calls for serious debate. The steps for changes in the immigration policy, is a sensational issue in the US. Illegal immigration is the most controversial issue in the USA

The people against immigration argue that immigration has lead to increase in unemployment and checks the privileges of its citizen. They say that the absence of immigrants will increase the job opportunities of the citizens, which will help to increase wages. They also fear that their children will hesitate to take technical degrees because of the competition in the field with immigrants. The immigration critics suspect the loyalty of the immigrants towards the country. They fear that the rise in the immigrant population affects the stability of the total population. They are not ready to share the privileges and natural resources with the non natives.

Immigration debate blows up when the other group strongly supports the need of immigration. The business people and some economists strongly believe that immigrants actually helped to improve the economic conditions. They think that high skilled professionals are essential to meet the competition in the global market. They consider the job competition arguments as absurd since more immigrants are performing jobs which are rejected by the natives. They also point out that the absence of low wage labor will only lead to mechanization of the process rather than a wage hike.

Immigration debate has not yet reached any acceptable conclusion. The government has to consider the argument of both the groups. However, steps against illegal immigration are to be encouraged as a means to ensure social security. Immigration debate has raised protests from immigrants. The guest work program is projected as a solution. The consensus for the formulation of a new policy, which will address all the immigrant issues, is expected to evolve as a result of the immigration debate.

Source: coolimmigration.com