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Immigration Forms

Immigration is performed under the strict regulation of the host country. The process for immigration can be started with submitting the application form. The whole process of form submission was very tedious in the past. With technological advancements, the complex process has now turned much easier. Internet filing of forms is also feasible.

Immigration forms are prepared according to immigration legislations. The purpose of the form is to obtain all necessary information of the person, who files for immigration. The form features detailed questions about each aspect of the person. Apart from the personal information, the form has questions to find out the moral conduct of the person. The form helps to determine whether the person is able to satisfy the eligibilities prescribed by the country.

Immigration forms comprises of a set of forms. To detail each function, there are separate forms such as affidavit form, change of address forms, biographic information form etc. The forms are usually numbered for the sake of convenience. The forms are available in a couple of languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, or Vietnamese. The completed forms have to be submitted to the office of immigration with the prescribed fees.

Immigration forms are available directly or through mail from the office of immigration or local counsels. The forms are also sent according to the request through the toll free numbers. The forms can also be downloaded from the Internet. However, the reliability of the sites has to be cross checked since the forms are frequently revised. The downloaded forms can be printed, completed and filed. Now, some countries such as US, permits online filing of forms, called e-filing in which the forms can be submitted online with fee payment thru credit card.

Immigration forms have to be completed carefully and honestly. Simple errors in the form can lead to rejection of the application. Several Internet sites provide guidance for completing the form. Immigration attorneys, representatives and organizations will assist in filing of the form.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com