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Immigration Protests

Immigration protests are becoming a serious issue and have started influencing policies of governments. The influence of immigrants in a country, to which they have migrated, is a matter of controversy. In certain instances, the issue has become critical and people are forced to express their disagreement. Immigration protests are expressions of objections to immigration issues. Protests have taken place both in favor and against immigration. Immigration protests are usually triggered by government decisions. Some countries face serious pressure of anti immigration protests from natives. The recent bill regarding immigration has raised a series of protest in the US.

Immigration protests are increasing globally. They are carried by natives, to project their unwillingness to share the natural resources with the immigrants. They blame the immigrants for the social and economic problems of the country. They want to limit the number of immigrants to their country. The protesting people consider restriction of immigration as a necessary obligation of the government, to protect the security of the country.

Immigration protests are raised by immigrants in a country, against the government reforms which limit their privileges. They utilize the protest as a way to substantiate their strength in the country. They need the government officials to recognize the necessity of their service to the country. The immigrants want to establish their rights in the country, to which they have migrated.

Immigration protests are organized by political parties, organizations, trade unions and students. Immigration protests are manifested by strikes and marches to important places. Some organize boycott of certain products. Some organizations, which have global alliances, organize international protests. Most of the strikes are non violent protests. Rarely, some protests turn violent. Indefinite strike, which affects the productivity of the country, is seldom organized in immigration issues. However, the protests help to gather enough public attention.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com