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Immigration Reform in the Senate Underway

Well it seems as if every decade or so we have this debate again over illegal immigration and it is always the same problem. The immigration laws and government run system is so screwed up it makes illegal immigration about the only way to get into the country or so we are told.

Before we had the amnesty program in 1972, we had the Jordan commission and about ten years ago in California we had a show down with a proposition, which later the courts over turned. Now we have immigration rallies but their message is clear as they hold up foreign flags, they want the borders open and a free for all and take the “illegal” off of the word illegal immigration. But that is not how our nation was built, nor is it what we stand for.

It appears some of the Senators have lost their respect for the law also backing down to good honest tough laws on illegal immigration. Rather than demanding enforcement, deportation and streamlining the system, they are more worried about themselves and how that might look to their liberal tree hugging far-left constituency. What a pathetic show of patriotism and sticking up for the laws in our nation.

It is amazing that now they are finally pushing thru some legislation, but had we enforced the laws already on the books and not allowed the system to run amuck or the immigration lines to mount due to court cluster, well we would never be in this predicament in the first place? Maybe we should just shit can the entire Senate and Congress and put people in who will follow the laws. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com