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Investment Immigration

If you want to get an entry into a particular country, you may have to satisfy its immigration policy. For example, if you want to get inside the borders of the US, you need to fulfill its rules for your legal entry. Normally, immigration laws varied from country to country, enacted by the legislative body of the country.

In US, you can get a visa on different purpose of visit. The laws provide particular provision under which immigration must be approved. It also specifies the eligibility criterion of the immigrant.

Here is some information that may help you to get an entry into the United States on investment grounds.

Countries appreciate wealthy individuals who have enough funds to invest for a commercial activity. If you possess the necessary funds, it is relatively simple and easy to get a visa as an investor. The requirements are:

As an individual, you must have at least EUR 400,000 to EUR 1,500,000 (depending on the country) to invest in the country, of which at least EUR 300,000 to EUR 1,000,000 must be invested in following activities or work areas:

Unit trusts
Private companies
Banks or building society accounts.
Remaining funds may be invested as you wish.

Foe getting a status of investment immigration, a person can not take employment beyond managing investments. Also, a person needs to make the immigration country as his or her main home, however, he or she may need not to spend all his or her time inside the country. But he or she should spend at least 50% of time here.

A family person can apply for his spouse and children to accompany as dependants in the immigration country. Above all, children are entitled to have the same free education as the country's native children. Further, investment immigrants are also eligible for health care facilities and others in this regard.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com