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John Edwards Considering Running for President Again in 2008

There is a rumor running around the Carolinas that John Edwards who was the Vice President on the Democratic Ticket which failed to unseat President Bush in 2004 maybe up for another run for President in 2008. In fact he has quite a following out on the Political Blogs testing his popularity and bringing up his name.

Fortunately I do have a question for these supporters; I see so you wish to turn over our country to Class-action lawyers are correct? Every single thing that is wrong with this country can be traced back to lawyers. The illegal immigration issues in part occurred because there is a backlog in the immigration courts making it hard for people to come here legally. The problem with the high oil prices and therefore gasoline pump prices are due to environmental lawyers blocking refinery projects. The fact that the government bureaucracy can do nothing right is due to the fact they are constantly sued by lawyers. And you want to put a lawyer and not just any lawyer a class-action trial lawyer in the White House, as president of the United States of America, are you high?

So this is my question to supporters of John Edwards; Are you on drugs? Do you really believe that supporting a class action lawyer for President of the United States is really the direction you wish to lead our nation? Thatís just nuts I tell you. Consider this in 2006.

Source: coolimmigration.com