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Lethal Force at the US Border for Illegal Immigration Not a Good Idea

Some have said that it is within reason to use lethal force along the border to prevent illegal aliens from dying this summer in the desert from heat exhaustion and no water. If we use lethal force we can prevent them from dying in the desert. Once a few people have been culled no further people will attempt to pass knowing it is complete suicide to do so. This may be true, however one has to ask if it is humane. Sure, that is one-way to solve the illegal immigration problem, but is it keeping with American principles?

These same people say that a virtual fence with lethal force using robotic technologies is fair for all concerned and will prevent people from sneaking over the border of Mexico and United States of America. They also say that the sooner this is implemented the safer for everyone and this will prevent gang members from coming over here, committing violent crimes and filling up our prisons.

One cannot argue that currently 38 percent of all Arizona prison system inmates are illegal aliens and 33 percent of the United States federal prison system is also filled with the legal aliens, which committed violent crimes. Everyone knows that we must stop this invasion and the federal government is required by the Constitution to protect the states from invasion. Indeed, those who wish to use lethal force along the border do have some good arguments, but is that really the next solution? Many Americans are starting to believe so. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com