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Mexican Illegal Immigration is Nothing, in the Future What About China?

Mexico only has about 120 million people and we are having trouble with the illegal immigration problem. Yet some say that this is nothing and when China starts forging ahead illegal immigration from China will skyrocket in the first world and especially in the United States.

In the future they say? But it is indeed it is happening already. Many fear that it could overwhelm our system and economic strength in some ways. Which is entirely possible giving the problem time to fester out, couple of decades, meanwhile China is the place to be or India in the coming decades.

Once China cleans up its environmental disaster, denounces its human rights violations, stops stealing proprietary rights and patents, stops selling weapons to nation states which support international terrorism, and about 16 other serious issues I should not get into here, then China will be a first world kick-butt nation right behind the United States of America, the greatest nation ever created in the history of the human species with a US Navy which puts the Zheng treasure fleet to shame even in comparing the time periods of then and now and the technologies of both periods. One observer of the future Chinese illegal immigration issue stated;

“What's even more interesting is first Mexico, then China, where will pale face go? I don’t really see how your going to stop evolution with the Chinese really start sending their numbers of people to the United States. And this will soon be happening.”

If you go to San Franchisco or Southern CA, there are many Chinese illegal immigrants being brought over in shipping containers, some are sold as sex slaves and others are used for the cheapest of all labor, generally by more wealthy chinese who put them to work in sweat shop settings. You can check out the bay area some time of the cities 40-mile radius from Long Beach harbor and see it out in the open. Too bad so many wish to use their people in this way? But many coming from China do not have it much better their, these human rights abuses here are probably less than there. Consider the future of illegal immigration migration and the demographics of the nation in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com