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Mexican Immigration

Mexico has received numerous immigrants from various parts of the world such as America, Europe, and Asia over the decades. Descendants of these immigrants are widespread and can be found working for different industries. There are certain laws, which are not enforced in case of foreigners.

Mexico has always had strict immigration laws for legal as well as illegal immigrants. Any person who has entered the country illegally can be arrested by a citizen and can turn the person and his partners in crime over to the Mexican authorities. Those who are Mexicans by birth, or naturally Mexicans are legal citizens. Many Mexican companies have the right to obtain ownership of the land, water, and other assets. They can avail of permission to explore mines and waters in Mexico. Mexicans also have priority over foreigners under any circumstance in case of equality, classes of allowances and employment, its positions and commissions by the government. Foreigners are allowed to serve only during wartime in Mexico.

If people planning to immigrate to Mexico are unprepared, it can be daunting to say the least. Mexican laws for non-tourists are very strict, have many restrictions and contradictions, and are generally not in written form. People who want to move to Mexico have to obtain a residency permit, which lasts for a year and can be renewed annually. It is also known as the FM-3. Other people wish to have a permanent residency; they need to obtain an FM-2 form. People who have had FM-2 for more than five years can apply for a permanent residency.

Many people immigrate to Mexico for professional reasons. Technicians, research scientists, and high-level management are some of the more popular positions in Mexico. In such cases, employers usually manage the immigration work and permit process.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com