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Outsourcing or Allowing Illegal Immigration

Many people insist that there are jobs Americans will not do. Indeed, this is factual and yet if they paid me $200.00 to pick apples per hour, I bet I might get some exercise and go lose some weight. The issues will illegal immigration and outsourcing are indeed economic in nature.

We often complain about both and yet if you do not outsource you need to bring people in who can do these jobs. If you do not allow illegal immigration then you need to outsource. Some say lets not do either, and yet the world does not work that way. Why? Well currently with unemployment at 4.9% we are pretty much at maximum employment. That is to say anyone who really wants to get a job; has one.

If we want to stop illegal immigration then we will need to invest manufacturing facilities across the border into Mexico like we are in Jarez, Mexico across from El Paso. Then those border cities in Mexico will expand and they will buy the things they need to for those towns hopefully in Mexico and help other towns expand.

As these towns grow their economic capacity, there will be jobs in Mexico and no reason for illegal aliens to come to America to find jobs to build a better life because they will already have a better life there. If we do not allow outsourcing then we will need more labor here and that labor will find a way. It is a lot like water trying to find lower ground thru use of gravity.

Source: coolimmigration.com