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President Vincent Fox Does Not Like the New Immigration Law One Bit

The Presidente of Mexico; Senior Vincent Fox, former Coca Cola Executive who wants to legalize drugs in Mexico has now gone on record several times stating that he does not like that new US Immigration Laws or Plan that the President of the United States of America spoke about in his special domestic issue speech to the American People one bit!

Well maybe that is a good thing say many Americans, who are quick to point out that much of the illegal immigration and illegal alien issue in the United States is partly President Vincent Fox of Mexico’s fault anyway. Currently there are somewhere between 15 million and 24 million illegal aliens in the United States and no one can prove how many are actually here. Each day drug runners bring more drugs, coyotes smuggle more people and one has to wonder if we could even stop the flow if we wanted too?

Meanwhile President Vincent Fox says that no matter what America does there will still be at least minimum of 500,000 new immigrants from Mexico going to the United States. Rather than being too awfully concern about what is good for President Vincent Fox in Mexico, wouldn’t it be more prudent to in fact consider what is best for the United States of America, our businesses, citizens, economy and the future of all we are and all we have built over the last 200-years? Consider all this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com