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The Truth about Crime and Illegal Immigration in the United States

The FBI reports that crime is up in the United States and we know from illegal immigration statistics that illegal immigration is also up in the United States. Although no one wishes to talk about it; it should be rather obvious that these two statistics have a lot to do with each other. Of course if you point this out someone will call you a racist, a bigot or anti-Hispanic. That of course is not true. I hereby point this out and I am not a racist, bigot or anti-Hispanic.

You see, the truth is that over 40% of the people who are in the Arizona prison system for violent crimes are in fact illegal aliens. The national average for the federal prison system is over 30% now. Crime was down in the United States during the last decade. Some people believe that as the soldiers come back from Iraq that there will be more crime, because the kind of people who join the army and want to kill people also have a violent nature.

Whether or not this is true, it seems like a copout to the real problem of illegal immigration and what it is doing to our crime statistics and our nation. To blame the increased rise in crime on those coming back from Iraq is unforgivable when the reality is that the illegal immigration problem is causing the rise in crime in our nation.

Now the United States of America wants to build a border fence. Will this keep out the crime? If the bad apples who are illegal immigrants are already in the country won't that just keep them in? In other words as the United States of America becomes one giant prison; will we all become prisoners along with the illegal immigrant criminals?

The answer to the question is probably not. But it is something to think about and consider. If we deny that the illegal immigrants are causing increased crime rates in the United States due to political correctness then we are lying to ourselves. Please consider all this in 2006.

Source: coolimmigration.com