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United States Immigration

Immigration is the act of relocating or moving from one place to another. Individuals move away from their native country mostly due to disagreement about political loyalty, moral values, religion, working habits, and health. Such reasons cause individuals to move to another country where such restrictions may not be imposed upon them. Immigration was at an all time high during the colonial period and hence such people are known as immigrants. Air travel by jet was cheap and fairly inexpensive in the year 1965. This prompted people to travel to and from their country of their origin.

There were several rules that were enforced for deportation or conducted for removal proceedings in front of an immigration judge. The law allows people to live as residents only if they have been residing in the United States for a stipulated period. People can become permanent residents if they have been physically present in United States for a period of ten years. Such people must have good moral character and must have a clear criminal record. Such immigrants may also obtain permission to reside legally if they have the potential to prove that if they are removed, hardships may be faced by their spouse, children or parents. However, this form of relief can be possible only if immigrants receive a Notice to Appear for proceedings in the Immigration Court.

The Central Intelligence Agency is authorized to admit approximately one hundred people a year and provide them for their settlement and support. This agency allows people inside the country without following the normal immigration procedure.

The problem of illegal immigration is an important issue that has recently come to light in United States politics. Various bills have been passed in the United States Congress to officially pardon and legalize those who are present illegally in the country. Laws have become strict and there are several proposals to criminalize all illegal immigrants. There was a suggestion to build a wall along the border of the U.S. and Mexico in 2006 to contain immigration.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com