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US Immigration Policies Lose Intelligent Needed Scientists

Many folks in industry decry the United States immigration policies which make it tough to bring future students and scientists into America. They say that; US Immigration Policies cause us to lose top notched intelligence and much needed Scientists for the forward progression of our nation.

Indeed we do not have enough home grown scientists in the United States of America to propel all the incredible new innovations and areas of research in discoveries. What can we do to better change this? Well on the other side of the coin we have come to realize that when foreign students come here to learn nuclear physics that they do not generally go home and back to their countries to make paper dolls and as soon as a nasty regime gets into power in one of these nations they will find these folks and compel them to make nuclear weapons, which one could say is quite problematic to world peace.

On the side of caution is that point of contention and it is a real one with unfortunately some tough lessons learned in the past you see? Now then surely there must be a compromise to keep the United States on the bleeding edge of discovery and the latest and greatest technologies right? I mean we cannot quit only because we are in fear of bad guys stealing our technology and making weapons can we? We must consider a worthy balance to this problem and the sooner the better for the forward progression of the nation. Please consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com