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US Immigration Visa Lawyer - New Reforms?

As a US Immigration Visa Lawyer, I have come to believe this country desperately needs new US immigration reforms. I formed this belief a long time before our Congress began its immigration debates.

In my work, I had come to see many faults of our current policies. Particularly, there are some injustices that "go on" in today's system.

What are they?

People who should stay are being deported. People who should leave USA are staying regardless of their current immigration status.

All immigration policies have to be based on one principle. People who contribute to USA's economy the most should always be allowed to stay. People who create more problems by committing crimes, for instance, should be deported.

It is a very simple principle that will work. By the way, when I talk about contribution to US economy, I do not mean only contribution from professional people. That is, people with degrees who have some specialized body of knowledge.

You can contribute to this economy by cleaning toilets or doing a farm work. After all, America needs people who clean toilets, move furniture, and do babysitting. In many cases, American people do not want these jobs anyway. Why not let the foreigners do them? Someone has to fill these positions too.

We can regulate our immigration more if we allow people to fill these positions legally.

We should also implement many Canadian policies. In terms of its resources, USA tends to be more wealthy than Canada. However, people tend to be more happy and satisfied with the direction in which Canadian government is leading them.

For instance, you do not see too many homeless people there. You do not see many unemployed people. You do not see too many people using its welfare system. Here, we have a riot for public benefits. It is because Canada has "smart" immigration policies in place. These policies obviously do work. Otherwise, the country would have been a "mess" by now.

How does Canada deal with its unwanted immigrants?

They are usually deported immiediately. When there are legal battles to withhold a removal proceeding, some of these unwanted immigrants are granted "no status." It means these immigrants can stay in Canada. However, they do not have any rights. Many "no status" immigrants are living in Toronto, Ontario. In many cases, these people can only live where there is a decent chance of getting a job.

Also, they live within their own ethnic communities. Much like some employers in USA, some Canadian employers are still hiring "no status" immigrants. Life is not easy for them. However, Canada has to look after its own welfare first before it can allow many foreigners to stay permanently.

Again, if we do not know what immigration policies we need to adopt, we must look at Canada or Sweden. We would have been better off than we are now if we did so a long time ago.

All our immigration problems stem from being in denial. For years, our society refused to acknowledge we have immigration problems. What is worse is we were not willing to do anything about them. In the mean time, these problems "grow" and "develop."

It is still possible to correct our US immigration system. We must look at our neighboor for help now!

Source: www.coolimmigration.com