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Wall Street Laughs Off Ridiculous Illegal Immigration Protests

Well the illegal immigrants and the illegal aliens promise to boycott American small businesses and the United States of America's greatest corporations and it failed to impress Wall Street. Stocks barely moved on the May Day boycotts and protests and it was a non-event. In fact, the number of people in marches and rallies was very small and totally worthless. It was a pitiful display of belligerents and ungratefulness.

We must not allow foreign nationals to invade our country in large numbers and then threaten us economically and march in protests in our streets. Even if the protesters are weak, have no basis for their argument or cannot even organize them selves; although if you look at Mexico and many of their Shanty Towns, it is obvious that there is little organization there either.

The over hyped famous boycott of the illegal aliens did not impress me, but like many Americans it sure pissed me off. There are many blast e-mails going around joking about the illegal alien and illegal immigration issue and Americans are upset. Today at a local coffee shop it was incredible the amount of people who commented about the illegal alien boycott and the protests marches.

We can not allow the United States of America, which is the greatest single nation ever created in the history of the human species to turn into a shet-hole like so many cities in Mexico. If you take a look at what Mexico has compared to the United States of America; Mexico looks more like a Third World country and quite frankly as far as I'm concerned if that is what they want to turn my country into, I say send them all back right now. However, if they want to come to the United States of America and join in our team, vision and do so legally, well then we can talk. Consider this in 2006.

Source: coolimmigration.com