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What is a K1 Visa?

The United States immigration term for a fiancée visa is the K1 visa. This intended purpose of this is to allow United States citizens to bring in people form foreign countries that they want to marry. This is so that these people will be allowed into the country permanently while they are married to the citizen.

Before the K1 visa was introduced, a citizen could bring their loved one or fiancée into the country and marry them as long as they married in his or her foreign country. After they would marry, they would then apply for the spousal visa. The real problem with this was that the spousal visa did not give the foreign fiancée any time to adjust to the United States.

Getting married and moving to any country is a huge change for anyone. Getting married alone is a bit adjustment for anyone. Add moving to a foreign land that you have never been to before and it may be nightmare. It is hard to move to an area that maybe speaks a different language, has different cultures and a complete whole new way of life. It is hard for anyone to adjust to this type of change. That is why the K1 Visa came into place.

One other problem with the spousal visa was that the number of people applying for it was continuously growing and it was taking longer and longer for anyone to obtain it. This was making it very difficult for men and women to be together and to get started on their new life together. The K1 Visa helped to eliminate this type of problem and it made it possible for couples to get together faster.

The K1 visa make it possible for the fiancée to enter the United States and have up to ninety days to marry the American citizen fiancée. If they are married within the ninety days, the foreign person can stay in the United States forever. If they decide that they do not want to marry, the person would have to leave the United States before the expiration of the K1 visa. This would help the fiancée decide if they are ready for such a change or if they want to go back to their original home.

Since the invention of the K1 Visa, there have also been some major problems. There are some foreign persons that wish to obtain a United States citizenship and use another person to get in. They will marry only to get into the country and not for the usual reasons that most people get married for. This K1 Visa has also caused an open door for a lot of immigration fraud. When this is the case, the United States immigration laws step in and the matters are desperately investigated to get to the facts.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com