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Where is Immigration Help and NY Immigration?

Many people dream about migrating to US for better future. People believe that in case of some problems all types of Social Services are there to help them when they need money or any type of assistance. They think that USA is the land of the opportunities.

Little do they know that most blue collar workers will work 40 years for a company and then social security may provide them with enough for rent and that's about it. USA countries lack in Immigration lawyer services. They are very expensive. Not much people about the reality. They learn nothing of the realities so they pack up and move to US (New York). Of course the reality is a bit bitter to chew but by that time it is too late.

If these foreigners were educated about the realities of New York, then many of them will not head towards this country. Let them know what it is like for the working class at retirement in the US. The only way they will be able to live a good life over here is if they invest and save a large part of their earnings. People believe that USA is a flashy country for all aged people as what they see in media. They are seldom prepared for the reality of what is in store for them over here. It is still believe that US (New york) as this great land of opportunity where the citizenries take top priority. But this is not in all the cases. If they would take the time to establish some type of communications with a citizen here first then they might learn that things are not that great over here also and they feel a little disappointed. This is where USA failed big time, by letting our neighbors believe that we are all living this great citizenship NY Dream life.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com