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Why People are Afraid to Turn in Illegal Immigration Violations at Their Local Carwash

We have all seen illegal aliens out and about in our civilization doing many jobs and hanging out. We often realize that something is not right, but many of us fail to turn in this violation of our laws. Why are people afraid to turn in Illegal Immigration Violations in their own communities and towns?

Why do they go each week to the same carwash for over a decade, allow illegal aliens to clean their cars and never once turn in the illegal alien violations at their local carwash? It is so interesting that so many Americans will email their friends jokes about illegal immigration and complain at parties about the problems yet they will not do the right thing at their local carwash?

If you are a true American and you see abuses of our immigration laws by local carwashes you should do the right thing and turn them in. You can call the immigration services, INS or Border Patrol and all of which are in the White Pages of your Phone Book.

Having previously been in the car wash business myself and completely followed the rules I was always appalled by this problem, but the customers reward this behavior by doing nothing about it. By turning in the illegal immigration carwash violators you will be helping a legitimate business person who respects and follows our laws. If you really are a good American you would do this. Think on this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com