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Elected Officials Refuse to Curb Illegal Immigration - An Essay

The Senate is about to enact on a bill that will grant amnesty to countless thousands of illegal aliens. The came, the saw and they may conquer. Our elected officials are taking the easy way out instead of facing up to a problem that puts the culture of the founding fathers at risk.

Once the illegal's have their foot in the door they will soon apply to have more family members brought to the United States. Illegal's will be able to apply for all blood relatives, in-laws, and children belonging to their families. Once these hoards get here then they can apply for all their family members to immigrate. Check out the INS web site for the rules. The culture destroying cycle will continue.

To stop this barbarian migration our current laws should be enforced. Barriers should be erected and deadly force authorized to prevent illegal's from crossing into the United States. Many weak willed liberals like to point out that so many illegal's are already in the U.S. and we cannot deport them all. Then why not deport as many as we can?

Nothing is really done to large companies that hire illegal's, e.g. Tyson's Chicken, Home Depot, and many more. Many illegals will leave if they cannot find work in the U.S. Legislature punishing corporations for hiring illegal's should be enacted. Take away their source of money and you will see an exodus to the south. Of course if the left has their way the U.S. will feed, cloth and house these aliens. The cost of the New Orleans FEMA effort will seem small compared to what these illegal immigrants will cost us. Do not allow our mother country to become Mexico. Elect officials that will act upon the will of the present majority of Americans.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com