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Some Basic Facts About US Immigration

The statistics say that each year there are more people who decide to leave their homeland and make their way to America for the purpose of immigrating. However, if you are interested in US immigration, it is a good idea to take a bit of time to learn about the process before starting on your journey.

Each year there are also movies and other media that can make it seem like something that is exciting, glamorous and downright simple. But, the reality can be considerably different than the Hollywood portrayals. It should be remembered that there is also a good deal of controversy surrounding emigration, especially from certain countries and certain parts of the world.

It is easy to get excited about the prospect of immigrating to America. Before making a final decision to go through with US immigration, be sure to seek out good information, advice and input from others, so that you know what the entire process entails.

It is simply not for everyone, as much as some people would like to think it is. In order to be assimilated into the United States as an immigrant, some people discover that it is much more difficult to leave their home country behind, as well as family, culture, tradition and national pride.

It is a costly matter and many people find that it is just too expensive to be able to emigrate to America. The fees required to submit the necessary forms to start the process have recently been raised.

For example, Form I-130 Petition is the form to use for an alien relative and costs $355 USD to submit, while the Form I-485 Register Permanent Residence costs $930 USD to file and a filing for the adjustment of status is the same. These and the many other required fees add up quickly, often making it prohibitive for many people to even get the process of US immigration started.

Some people find the process so intimidating, especially if there is a language barrier, that they seek out immigration help from a US immigration attorney. While such an attorney can often help to speed up and smooth out the process, the cost to retain an attorney for help with US immigration is often not an option for many.

Unless you plan to be emigrating with your complete family or at least those in your immediate family, it can end up being a wrenching experience, especially if you come from a close-knit family. For those who are accustomed to seeing their extended family members regularly, US immigration can be a very emotionally difficult undertaking.

Instead of being nearby for frequent family gatherings, when you move abroad the expense of travel often limits family interaction significantly.

If emigrating from a non-English speaking country, life in the US might be more challenging unless you are already very comfortable with the English language. Knowing at least some basics in English will definitely help you assimilate into the culture more quickly, should you decide that US immigration is the right step for you.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com