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Illegal Immigration Bill Stalls

It is amazing that we even need an illegal immigration and illegal alien bill in our government. We already have laws on the books to stop this problem. It is illegal to sneak into our nation. Those who do are criminals. In our own Constitution the Federal Government is to protect the states from foreign invaders yet still they are ineffectual in stopping gangs, drugs and illegal immigrants from crossing into our country?

Now this new immigration bill is stalled in our government? Why? Why can’t our own government uphold the law? Why can’t they even remain ethical themselves? What is the problem here? They go on vacation without doing their job. Then a car backfires in a parking structure in one of the Capital Buildings the day before a three-day weekend and everyone makes it a 4-Day Weekend instead?

This is not serving the people, this is not doing their job? This is living off the fat of our civilization, living above the law and abusing their privileges. Why do we put up with this? They run around all day meeting with Lobbyists and holding “Strategy Sessions” at the local tavern on our taxpayer’s monies and we are to accept this? There is a Party in Washington DC, but it is not a political party it is a “free-for-all” party and the People are not invited.

May I ask why we even care about an immigration bill anyway? We know they will not enforce it, they are not even enforcing the laws we currently have on the books? They are ineffectual and pathetic and if I may say a bunch of pansies. We ought to throw them all out of office, downsize the blob of bureaucracy and start over. We need to stop this insanity and protect the American People and that means enforcing our laws and our borders? Why don’t they care? Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com