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What Does RNC Want By Criticizing Two Leading Candidates? - Part 2

In part 1 of this article, it was seen how RNC is criticizing our two most important presidential candidates Giuliani and Romney. Here are some more facts that will put light on this matter.

Talking about Giuliani, he cannot be called an illegal immigration hawk. He has always tried to keep himself away from his records as Mayor of New York. However, although he states he would highlight enforcement issues if elected as President, he still holds much better position than any hardcore conservative.

A few days back, in one of his campaigns, he said that he would not support deportation of illegitimate immigrants if they have kids born in America, except they have committed any offense. He says he will consider complete immigration reform ultimately.

He calls himself as "practical about illegal immigration". According to him, good people must be given an opportunity. People will have to have to earn the citizenship. People will have to give penalties and support taxes; they must be good at English before they are called citizens. Bad people would be deported depending on situations.

Romney once criticized Giuliani for being flexible on illegal immigration, but recently Romney showed his support for the ‘McCain-Kennedy immigration bill’.

Arizona is the place where illegal immigration is ranked first. This is the main problem for the citizens living there. Conservative Senator Jon Kyle had to suffer a severe reaction for showing his support for the immigration bill this summer.

Although Kyle is among the most solid conservatives in the Senate, the protest from Arizona was enough to force him to change his opinion about the immigration bill.

So, the conclusion is that Romney and Giuliani should not be treated in such a shameful way by the Republican Party. Something wrong is going on at Republican headquarters, and these issues must be addressed.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com