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Marching In Support of Illegal Activity

Iím sickened by the protests around this country of people who want criminals to be given legal status in America. Make no mistake about it, anyone in this country who did not go through legal immigration channels is a criminal and should face the consequences of their actions.

Why are illegal immigrants better than law abiding people. Why should illegal immigrants be given preferential treatment? They shouldnít. Millions of people around the world are pursuing their immigration status in America through legal means.

Some people have been waiting many years (In some cases over 5 years) to find out if they can immigrate to this great land. Many people who are legally trying to immigrate to America face similar economic hardships than illegal immigrants.

What do we tell those people? How do we explain that weíre thinking of exonerating the crimes of illegal immigrants and allowing them to stay in America? You canít explain it to them because itís unfair.

The protests around America are sending the wrong message to law abiding people around the world.

Doesnít America have the right to set itís own immigration policy? Of course it does and it should. No one else is going to protect America.

Why are the Democrats supporting legislation that would forgive illegal immigrants? The easy answer is votes. The more complex answer has to do with the policies of Democrats. Democrats hide behind diversity and minority rights. What theyíre really supporting is criminal activity.

This is similar for the Democrats support of the ACLU who defends groups like NAMBLA (North American Boy Love Association) which advocates for men to have love relationships with young boys.

I donít think we should take Democrats seriously. They are an immoral party that is now supporting the criminal activity of illegal immigration into this country.

I do have a solution to the problem. It was a solution that a good friend proposed to me and one that I agree with. My friend is actually a Democrat. His proposal is to make North America a truly free zone like Europe. In Europe, citizens of member countries are free to work in any member country.

We should make America, Canada and Mexico a free zone where citizens of these countries can freely work in any one of these three countries.

In the meantime law enforcement should use all means possible to prevent illegal immigration into this free land. We must not tolerate this illegal activity any longer.

Article Source: http://coolimmigration.com/?expert=Anthony_Bloch