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Why do Lawyers Make Excuses for Being Lawyers

Have you ever met a lawyer and just flat out told them that you have no use for lawyers. Then they make some excuse that they do not like the fact that they are lawyer either? Well isnít that silly; if you do not like being a lawyer quit or stop telling people you are a lawyer to impress them.

You know when someone tells me they are an ex-con, I generally will not associate with them, it just is not worth the risk, that they have learned anything. When someone tells me they are a lawyer, I feel the same way only judge them as lesser and a couple notches lower on my scale even still.

But what really gets me is when someone tells me they are a lawyer and then makes an excuse for it, because if you are going to do something then you should be good at it and if you are good at it do not make an excuse. Of course if someone is a lawyer and not good at it then for sure they are not needed.

I only want a lawyer who kicks butt and only when I need them to crush the opponent. So a lawyer who makes excuses for being a lawyer; well I just cannot see the justification of it or the value of that individual. Besides why not call Caesar to clean up this legal mess in America anyway? Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com