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Spring has Sprung

Sometime between mid-December and the end of February the signs of spring start surfacing in Victoria. It starts with crocuses and snow-drops.

These are followed closely with daffodils and tulips. While these are popping out of the ground, the plum and cherry trees start turning pink first.

Then the green leaves start to unfurl filling the city with more green than the evergreens and ivy the winter provides. Victoria is the first place in Canada to get spring!

During my walks through the University's Finnerty Gardens, just blocks from my house, I have noticed all of this happening at the beginning of February this year. There are some purple azaeles already in full display.

Each walk I pass through spring fragrance that almost takes my breath away. There are rhododenrons that are starting to blossom. Although they are just in the beginning stages, it will not be long before the gardens start to fill with color.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com