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Americas Immigration and Politics

Why is immigration such a major issue in America? In my opinion there are several factors that contribute to this. Before I delve into these factors, I believe we need clear and concise definition for immigration. According to dictionary.com immigration is, “To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.” For example, Manuel Estaban was born in Mexico and moves to (Migrate) the United State. Manuel Estaban is considered and immigrant.

I have witness over the past decade Immigration in America has become a highly sensitive and politicized subject because several factor. These factors are Historical, Cultural, and Eco-Political. They inter-twine with a change in the demography of several America communities. You maybe asking yourself how do these factors correlate to a change in American communities and make immigration a political issue? I will explain by going through aforementioned factors.

• Historical – I am not professor of history, but from what I have gathered the American Indians are the true natives of North America and everyone else are immigrants. This sounds funny, but Christopher Columbus did not discover North America. There are different perspectives on this; I like to keep mine simply. He came he saw (Native Indians) and he and is European compadres conquered. Another historical point is the overpowering of their neighbors of Mexico, and taking their land we now know to be Texas. These and other historical events prompt individuals and groups to challenge the right of government, and some races of people (Mainly Caucasian).

• Culturally – I am sure you have witness the changes in culture and way of life in some of our American communities. Some people may argue that America does not have a culture. But I like to look at America as a filtered cultured. Immigrants from all over the world come here and brought with them their language, religion, food, and customs. With the fusion of these variables come changes in laws policies, government representatives, and even some case languages.

• Eco-Political – This issues I think is the most interesting of them all. Why would someone leave the place of birth to go to foreign place? Well, in most cases people migrate because they are leaving for economic opportunity. America is a developed industrialized country with abundance of job opportunities; at least this is what immigrants are led to believe. Another reason for their migration is political instability within their home countries. Warring faction within their country make life for their citizen unsafe, and governments have a high level of corruption.

Let me inter-twine these factors. History tells immigrant that this free land to be taken as it as only one true natives (American Indians). So they come to America which has no true culture of their own, and carry out their own custom and way of life. America is known as leader of the free world (super power). This seems like and entitlement for immigrants. They are coming from a place of that is politically economically oppressed to some where that’s free. The idea is they must be accepted for America to be considered a free country.

So the trouble lies in whether people who live in the United States have claims to being native, despite where there origins. Politician walk a fine line on this issue as their respective constituents will more likely be made up of variable of people whom have varying concerns. Politicians need to efficiently distribute the “scarce benefits and spoils” (resources) without alienated born citizens, and immigrants. Immigrants and their staunch supporters will use the factors mentioned above to defend their case for them being treated as natives and in sharing in the spoils and benefits that this wonderful country as to offer. This article was provided to by http://www.managementthatworks.com

Source: coolimmigration.com