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How To Lookup Unlisted Phone Numbers

Have you ever wished there was a way you could lookup unlisted phone numbers? Maybe someone's been prank calling you and your caller id doesn't give you a name to match the phone number. Or maybe you want to add a distant relative or a coworker to your christmas list so you need their address. Or perhaps you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend is fooling around behind your back and you want to check up on the phone numbers they've been calling.

Whatever the reason, the only reliable way to lookup unlisted phone numbers is with a paid reverse number lookup service. Unlisted numbers can't be found using free lookup tools. You see, standard landline phone numbers are considered "public information" and they are available to anyone. This is why we have telephone books bursting with tens of thousands of numbers. People who don't want their details listed have to pay a fee to keep it out of the telephone book.

Unlisted numbers are also kept out of the directories used by free lookup services. But paid services are able to lookup unlisted phone numbers by going directly to the telephone companies themselves. They pay a fee to the telephone company and are allowed access to their databases. They can then provide you with instant and accurate results when you run a search on an unlisted number. Since they are paying a fee to access the information themselves, they obviously can't give it to you for free. They simply pass along the cost to you.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com