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Innocence Lost - Carnage in Toronto

What happened in Toronto on Monday was a gruesome act that should have all of us shaking our heads. Canadians like me have been conditioned to believe that the types of violent acts like the one witnessed in Toronto, doesnít occur in our beloved country of Canada.

With all of its good intentions regarding strict gun control laws (Canada requires the registering of all firearms), my Canada still finds itself vulnerable to the types of violent crime that we all heard about on Monday. Canadians have a low tolerance level for the ownership and use of firearms. Gun ownership and use just isnít part of most Canadians culture. In fact, I saw my first gun when I moved to the United States.

I know that I usually criticize Canada for many of its political actions but the shooting in Toronto shook this Canadian to the core. It brought tears to my eyes. My friends, Canada has lost its innocence and Iím heartbroken.

The Canada I grew up in was relatively free from violent crime compared to its American counterpart. In the past ten years, Canada, especially Toronto has seen an increase in violent crime. I donít think that the penalties for these violent crimes have caught up with the acts of carnage being committed against the peaceful citizens of the great country of Canada. I think that Canada needs to get tough with the criminals who are committing those violent crimes.

What made the shooting particularly brutal and unconscionable is that it occurred during Christmas weekend. The day after Christmas is Boxing Day in Canada and is a nationally observed holiday. Boxing Day is Canadaís busiest shopping day of the year. This crime was committed while people shopped at a very busy nearby mall (Eaton Center).

My heart goes out to the victims of this crime and it also goes out to all Canadians. Was it too much for us to hope that there was a nation left in this world where innocence wasnít lost? Was it too much for Canadians to expect that all of its citizens would respect its laws against the use of firearms? I guess the answers to those questions are yes. Itís sad that Canadian society is left to pick up the pieces and face the reality that itís vulnerable to violent crime.

My hope is that all of Canadaís inhabitants will start respecting Canadian law and Canadian culture. I hope that all of Canadaís inhabitants will act like the peaceful people that Canadians have become known to be.

Canada is a great country, with wonderful traditions. It's a country that does its best to be a compassionate nation. We need to keep those values alive and defend them at all costs.

Source: coolimmigration.com