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Philosophical Arguments Against Illegal Immigration

In the United States of America we live in a society, which is caring and loving of all people. Most Americans do not want to exploit illegal aliens in some sort of slave labor. At the same time we realize that we cannot afford to take all the poor people of the world into our civilization and feed them.

There are hundreds of millions of poor people in Africa, South America, India, China and the rest of Asia in the United States has big and as economically strong as we are, we just can't take everyone. Over 3.5 Billion People live on less than a dollar a day. Currently there are 24 million illegal aliens United States and 60 percent of those came from Mexico and we need to be very careful not to take too many more or we jeopardize all that we have built in this great country of ours.

Below is excerpt all that article that I wrote back in 1999 discussing this very issue and the information in this paragraph is still warranted and must be considered. We must do what's right for the American people and also consider the illegal aliens in their plight as they flee from Mexico's corrupt government for a better life;

“Right now it may appear good to employers because wages are kept low, yet if the middle class disappears then there will be no one to sell too. Then what? Remember we do not make anything, we do not use our own resources, and we are giving away our technology to Nations who have yet to go where we have been. Can we afford to do that? I do not want to have a civil conflict with my neighbor who came here for a better life to feed his family. I do not want talk two different languages to people on the streets. I do not want to catch a disease that was suppose to be gone 40 years ago. I do not want to lose the middle class who buys my services and who will own our franchises in order to move to the next class.”

All Americans must wise up and consider the reality of a situation. It is okay to be of a liberal mindset, but the same time we must face reality if we are to move the United States of America forward to the utopia that we all seek and for the forward progression of our nation and the future of our children and their children. Please consider this in 2006 on a more realistic basis.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com