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Can The IRS Fix Illegal Immigration? We All Know Congress Will Not

The cure for all of Americas woes with Illegal Immigration lies with our esteemed IRS. They do not do anything well, except for sending people to jail. Al Capone, our wonderful ex-Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, and countless others may have broken laws, killed people, embezzled millions, or just acted like complete jackasses, but they did not get away from the IRS.

Since the IRS employees will need to justify their jobs when the FAIRTAX gets implemented they can go after these Illegals. All they will have to do is go to all the chicken plants, construction sites, carpet manufacturers, landscaping companies, etc. and find out who they sent their 1099s to and try to locate tax returns to match these 1099s. I can assure you they will not have any tax returns on 80f these subcontractors. And, yes, to any whiny babies reading this, it is politically incorrect and definitely is profiling.

As any American with a fifth grade reading level (35 knows, we will not be able to rid this country of Illegal Immigrants, but we can start by getting off our backsides, get a wall put up as soon as possible to stop the flow. After we stop the inflow we can concentrate on fixing the problem sitting in our backyards.

People need to stop whining as the most important fact of the whole issue is that Illegal is Illegal. It does not matter why they are here, how they got here, how many fake American citizens they can download, whether they pay taxes, how many live in one bedroom apartments, or any of the other nine hundred excuses people make. Illegal aliens, immigrants, guest workers, or whatever you want your hyphenated name to be this week, cannot argue for rights you do not deserve because when it comes down to it, you DO NOT BELONG HERE! Get your papers in order or GET OUT!

The IRS can start chasing these people and start sending the tax bills out. The Illegals who want to stay here will pay their taxes and start getting their documents in order to stay here. We do not need this foolish six-year plan being proposed that acts as if someone would actually go back to Mexico after six years. This nonsense is a delay tactic to put the time cutoff on another administration. The Good Old Boys in Congress are starting to retire and die off and they want to put this problem off on someone else as they always do.

I have many friends who immigrated to this country, but they all did it LEGALLY and they made attempts to become Americans. They learned English, learned our laws, paid their taxes, and wanted to be a part of the greatest Country in the World: AMERICA!!! They knew that American prisoners have a better life than they did in their homelands. They did not come here and expect Americans to bend over backwards for them. Most importantly they did not try to make America an extension of Mexico.

Good Luck!

Bear Brooks

Author of A Jackass at Every Turn

Source: www.coolimmigration.com