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Hispanic Labor Supply and DHS Issues With the Truck Wash Industry

Most Americans are very upset with the illegal immigration issues in our country. Yet everyone knows that many jobs need to be filled that Americans are not filling. Today we have such low unemployment that businesses struggle to get all the work done.

Many industries are in crisis due to this problem such as the restaurant, landscaping, car washes, construction and agriculture trades. But they are only a subset of the problems with labor. One major problem in the future with truck washing companies is going to be that when the Department of Homeland Security tightens down on illegal immigration, we will see labor supply issues, as most of the tuck washing companies are hiring Hispanic Labor and often they are illegal aliens.

Thus we will see many close or have trucks so backed up that truck dispatchers of commercial carriers will tend to opt not to have drivers stop at the truck washes, especially considering the coincidence of the hours of operation going into effect for drivers. These limits mean that drivers will have to be on the road more and in line at places like a truck wash for two-hours less. This will be a critical factor in the future. If you are in the Truck Wash Business, then think on this in 2006.

Source: coolimmigration.com